Welcome to Uber Wash! We are a friendly mobile car wash with a focus on customer service and superior product. Started on the concept that we all have busy schedules to keep and lets face it, the tunnel washes provide less than favorable results with an unruly waiting time. Why not have your vehicle washed or detailed while you work, play or spend time with the family. Its no secret that you probably have better things to do than wash your car, but in the realm of car washes, we’ve all lowered our standard to the $4.00 car wash. And lets face it, when was the last time you went through one of those and only paid $4 bucks? If you did, I bet you went home and wiped it all down again on your own. 🙂

Our mobile service will allow you more time and provide you a superior product for not much more than you’d spend at the tunnel wash. Not to mention, you’ll develop a relationship with us where we can focus on you and what YOU want.

We currently service the North Dallas area and expanding quickly! If you aren’t sure if we service your area, please shoot us an email and we’ll respond quick!