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Build Your Wash

+-30 minutes minimum
Select this package if you wish to build your own wash
See list of options on page 3
Hand exterior wash and dry
Wheels cleaned
Clean outside of windows
Tire shine


Deluxe Detail

+- 1 hour
Includes Build Your Wash plus
Full vacuum and Interior Light Detail
Shampoo Floor Mats
Light Bug and Tar Removal
Condition Leather
Door and Trunk Jambs Cleaned


Super Deluxe

+- 1.5-2 Hours
Includes Deluxe Detail +
Spot Shampoo Interior Carpet and Headliner
Hand Wax


Ultimate Detail

+- 2.5-3hrs
Includes Super Deluxe +
Deep Interior Crevice Clean
Power Wash Under Carriage
Heavy Tar and Bug Removal
Shampoo Carpets
Steering Wheel/Main Dash Area Deep Clean
Makeup Removal
Wheel Well Clean and Shine

Uber Wash